Scottsdale, Arizona
BlueSky/LPS Constuction
project Type
New Builds

From a spec build to buyer build

Initially conceived as a spec home, this architectural gem took an unexpected turn when a relocating family swiftly claimed it as their own. The allure of modern design and sophisticated finishes captured their hearts, prompting them to infuse their personal touch into the space.

As the new owners settled into their Arizona abode, the backyard emerged as a canvas for customization. With four children in tow, functionality was key. The swimming pool underwent a transformation, expanding to accommodate lively family moments. Sprawling greenery was introduced, creating a lush expanse for play and relaxation. To add a touch of culinary delight, a built-in BBQ was strategically placed, ensuring a stunning welcome the moment you step through the front door.

Join us on a journey through the evolution of this home – from a spec to a personalized sanctuary for a vibrant family. Witness how the fusion of modern aesthetics and thoughtful backyard enhancements turns this residence into a haven that truly reflects the essence of its inhabitants.

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