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Upon receiving the project, our excitement soared at the prospect of working within the architectural brilliance of Beadle's creation. However, we recognized the need to breathe new life into a house seemingly frozen in 1964.

Understanding the importance of a modern floor plan, we collaborated with skilled draftsmen to reimagine spaces that resonate with the way we live in 2023. A centerpiece of this transformation was the creation of a spacious open kitchen, a hub for modern living.

While embracing contemporary design principles, we remained dedicated to preserving Beadle's architectural essence. Clean lines and expansive windows, hallmark features of mid-century design, were carefully retained to honor the home's original character.

In the spirit of mid-century favorites, we curated material selections that echo the era's aesthetic. Terrazzo and stone finishes were seamlessly integrated, creating a tactile experience that pays homage to the past while embracing the present.

Bold and contrasting colors, synonymous with mid-century style, found their place in our design narrative. From the rich hues in the tile to the vibrant wallpaper in the upstairs bedroom, color became a dynamic element infusing the space with warmth and personality.

Landscaping emerged as a pivotal element in our revitalization efforts. Embracing a minimalistic approach, we incorporated native plants and full walls of glass, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. The result is a seamless connection that invites nature into the heart of the home.

At every step, our commitment was unwavering—to marry modern functionality with Beadle's enduring architectural vision. The result is a home that stands as a testament to the past while embodying the spirit of contemporary living. Join us in the journey of transforming history into a vibrant, livable masterpiece.

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