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The theater room was the first room to be converted! We brought down the ceiling making it better for the movie's acoustics. Charcoal paint was applied to the walls and a black walnut stain was used on the new barn doors and custom bar. Not only did he want to watch movies in this room, but also wanted a bar to hang out and game from. We made it extra tall for him and got the most comfortable bar stools MBD could find. Acoustic movie posters added a little color to the place with a shimmer of light from the brushed gold picture lights above them and a blue LED strip along the ceiling line. Since there was not a lot of color we used trim to add definition to the back wall and the bar. No one likes to stare at speakers, so we created custom boxes to hide them.

Moving into the living room, Meg wanted to update the 90's cubies and old school fireplace. Creating custom walnut cabinets it modernized the room instantly. The fireplace was created using a full slab of black granite. For the mantel we matched the walnut cabinets. Still wanting to bring your eyes up in the space with the expansive ceilings we added a circular mirror and lots of décor. The ceiling needed attention as well and this was done with a coffered effect and new walnut fan.

With the furniture we went with cognac leather sofas and popped some blue with the velvet accent swivel chairs. We grounded the space with a white and blue rug and slate coffee table. On the back wall we had the matching slate console table and black and white art in an acrylic frame. Keeping it masculine lots of metals and woods were used, but a few florals were added for the woman's touch:-)

The last room is the dining. We made a navy blue trim and added sconces and a new chandelier. Next will be the buffet and dining table, but one step at a time these days with all of the vendor delays.

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