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Interior Design

Embarking on a journey of design excellence, Meg's touch transformed three key spaces, starting with the cinematic allure of the theater room. The ceiling was gracefully lowered to enhance acoustics, creating a perfect canvas for the rich charcoal walls. A touch of sophistication emerged with black walnut-stained barn doors, a custom bar, and extra-tall bar stools for a gaming haven. Acoustic movie posters, brushed gold lights, and a subtle blue LED strip added both color and ambiance. Trim details defined the space, custom speaker boxes discreetly hid speakers, and the result was a cinematic retreat unlike any other.

Venturing into the living room, a 90's relic was reborn as custom walnut cabinets breathed modernity into the space. A sleek black granite fireplace, mirroring walnut cabinets for the mantel, anchored the room. Expansive ceilings found their match with a coffered effect and a new walnut fan. Cognac leather sofas, blue velvet swivel chairs, and thoughtful decor created a masculine yet inviting atmosphere. Metals and woods dominated, but delicate florals added a touch of femininity.

The finale unfolded in the dining room, where navy blue trim, sconces, and a new chandelier set the stage. Though awaiting the final touches of a buffet and dining table, each step was a deliberate move, navigating through vendor delays with grace and patience.

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