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Meg had the privilege of joining forces with a bustling family of six to weave the tapestry of their dream home. What makes this project extra special is the serendipitous connection – Meg and the homeowner, once high school acquaintances, found themselves reunited in the vibrant landscape of Arizona, shaping lives in ways that were destined to intersect.

This remarkable journey unfolded into a sprawling 7,000 square feet of architectural marvel, carefully tailored to meet the dynamic needs of a family with four active children. The home boasts a harmonious blend of functionality and style, encompassing 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, and an expansive living/kitchen area that forms the heart of daily life. Additionally, a dedicated home office caters to the demands of contemporary work-life balance.

Understanding the energetic nature of the family, Meg ensured the design included a flex area – a space where the kids could indulge in gymnastics practice or unwind in front of the TV. This thoughtful touch reflects Meg's commitment to not just meet but exceed the unique requirements of her clients.

Join us on a virtual tour of this dream home, where Meg's expertise transforms architectural spaces into personalized sanctuaries. From the heartwarming connection with the homeowner to the meticulous design of every square foot, this project is a celebration of collaboration and the realization of family dreams.

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