Scottsdale, AZ
Blue Sky Homes
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In this unique home with a thoughtful addition of two master suites, the potential for extended families or long-term guests took center stage. However, the existing spaces were fragmented and underutilized. Through a strategic adjustment of the floorplan, we maximized the square footage to create a cohesive and functional layout.

Prioritizing function is at the core of our floor planning philosophy, but we believe that style should never be sacrificed. With this ethos in mind, we curated finishes that seamlessly blend to define the transitional charm of this home.

Beyond the interiors, the vast lot surrounding the property was brimming with potential. Unleashing the full scope of possibilities, we transformed the outdoor space into a haven of leisure and entertainment. A revamped pool, a cozy firepit, an outdoor kitchen, and a playful putt-putt green now grace the landscape, adding an extra layer of luxury to the expansive surroundings.

Join us on a visual journey as we showcase the seamless marriage of form and function. From the thoughtfully reimagined interiors to the outdoor oasis, this home is a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that not only meet practical needs but also elevate the overall lifestyle experience.

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