Our process:  keep It simple
We know that starting a project from scratch can be overwhelming, so we take care of everything for you in just 6 simple steps. Each phase is collaborative and designed with the ultimate goal of providing you with a beautiful and functional space.

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01. Project Discovery

Our process starts with getting to know you and your dreams for your perfect living space. Click the link below to be taken to where it all begins! Our short custom questionnaire allows us to get to know you and your dreams for your new space. This is the foundation of success!

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02. Onboard Meeting

After we review your questionnaire the next step is meeting you and visit your space. We schedule an on-site meeting to discuss the specifics of your project. It all comes down to vision and our goals is to make your vision a reality.

03. Design Creation + Presentation

We take your trust very seriously, and our structured, collaborative, design process ensures that we’re creating a deep relationship with you, keeping your project on track, meeting expectations (or exceeding them!), and bringing you to your most authentic and vibrant result.

04. Final Design + Design Implementation

In this part of the process we finalize all your approved design and compile a master binder. This binder contains all your design, construction and furniture plans all beautifully illustrated and laid out in our step by step process.

05. Construction

This is when things really start to happen. Here we take your approved designs and bring them to life. We coordinate all vendors and contractors and build a development timeline that works around your schedule, we call it smart scheduling.

06. Final Installation

After all the construction is complete the last part is the finishing touches and the details. Our last phase is furniture and the small details that make your new space unique.

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